Monday, January 30, 2012

India Lose the Test Match because of IPL 20-20: Imran Khan

     Pakistan Old Captain Imran Khan in one press meet said that in the last World cup itself Sachin would have take rest. That is the correct time for Sachin to take rest and that match was his great world cup. Sachin Tendulkar, a good player too. But, he didnt take rest. Decide to take rest was somewhat difficult and also 3 or 4 members are in need to take rest. Players should not play in case of making record for the match. Making Record is not a matter how they are playing is the matter, he said. 
     The Main reason for India's lose is IPL match because they are focusing their mind only in 20 overs cricket. If they play many 20 overs match they could not found the technical game. In the test that is the important one. In test match technical game is very very important for every one. The one who playing in test match technically is the good player. India continuosly losing 8 test matches. This also one of the Record for India.


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