Wednesday, February 8, 2012

History of Cricket

     Cricket is known from the history in about 16th century. The international matches are played in 1844.In the same way the international cricket test was conducted in the year1877. The cricket is a game which was first developed by England. Now this game was professionally played by the best players all over the world. No one clearly knows how the cricket body of evidence was found. First this game was played by the children and after that it was played by adults in the 17th century.
     In the year 1660 the game was played by bets with huge amount of money. Gambling also started to play this game with an interest. In the 17 century the cricket was considered to be a gambling sport by the end of this century. In North America the cricket was introduced it also reached the place of  North in England. In the 18 century it became extraordinary and spread all over the world. The main important rules of the cricket are bat, ball, pitch dimensions, wicket, over, not out etc.
    Many news laws are developed. In the 19thcentury the cricket went out through out the formal organization. In the 18th century lots of players raised and the development of the game virtually raised both outside and inside Britain. Through out the England the game was spread with great interest. First the official match was held between United States and Canada in the year 1844.
     Now in this generation the cricket is a game for all the real entertainers of the cricket fans. ICC is governing the body of the world cricket. Implementation is done by the ICC that relates law in ODI and test cricket.


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