Tuesday, February 7, 2012

History of Tennis: How it came

     The history of tennis originated from the European monks to be played for the entertainment purpose during religious ceremonies. Right from the beginning the ball was hit by the hand after that leather glove was invented later after that Effective glove was handled by effective hitting and serving of the ball. The word tennis came to move in English on the middle of the 14th Century.The first tennis was played at Unites states in 1874. Professional tournaments, and champion ships are held at many places. 
     Women’s professional tennis was played in the year 1926. The game soon become very popular in France that was adopted by the royal family. The history of the tennis began with a two distinct like one for women and one for men. That event was held in the casino at New port in august 1881. Now we can see in details about the tennis courts .In early days the tennis courts are very different. The early version of the tennis is called as “real tennis”. The rules of the games are tremendous with best effort. 
     Billons of fans are there for the tennis club. In the earlier days the tennis court was in a rectangular shape with best effect. The courts of the present time are hardly used today. Huge amount of prize money will be awarded for the winners that can be earned by oneself .The richest tournament is played with a $15 million as prize money. The thought of creating the  Us team into light  after the  triumph. 


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