Thursday, February 9, 2012

Maria Sharapova History

Maria Sharapova Personal Details:

Birthdate:       April 19, 1987
Birthplace:      Nyagan, Russia
Residence:      Bradenton ,Florida
Height:           6’2”(188cm)
Weight:           130lbs(59 kg)
Plays:              Right Handed
Nickname:      Masha
Hobies:           fashion, music, movies

History of Maria sharapova:

        She has lived in United States of America when she was at the age of seven. She is interested in movies, Music and fashion. In the past she loves to take of hip hop classes. She has collected many stamps when she was a child. She got engaged with the Sasha vujacic he is a professional basket ball player. The two were dating since 2009. Sharapova helped to promote 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi Russia. The majestic appearance and success made her enabled to secure the team to the commercial endorsement that exceed the value of tournament. She signed a sponsorship deal with Gatorade and Tropicana. In 2007 the canon USA commercials featured her. She was the highest paid female athlete in July 2008.In 2010also she was the highest paid female athlete earning $70million in contract with Nike. In 2011 she got the highest paid female with $25million.She has also been in many modeling appearance. 

Maria Sharapova Tournament History:
Singles Titles

2011:   Cincinnati, Rome
2010:   Memphis, Strasbourg
2009:   Tokyo
2008:   Australian Open, Doha, Amelia Island
2007:   San Diego
2006:   Indian Wells, San Diego, US Open, Zürich, Linz
2005:   Tokyo, Doha, Birmingham
2004:   Birmingham, Wimbledon, Seoul, Tokyo, WTA Championships
2003:   Tokyo, Québec City

Doubles Titles

2004:   Birmingham
2003:   Tokyo, Luxembourg

Maria Sharapova Yearly Rankings History:

2004:   4
2005:   4
2006:   2
2007:   5
2008:   9
2009:   14
2010:   18

Maria Sharapova Yearls Earnings History:

2004:   $0
2005:   $0
2006:   $3,799,501
2007:   $1,758,550
2008:   $1,937,879
2009:   $923,619
2010:   $651,279
2011:   $2,899,148
2012:   $1,214,975


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